Home Farm


Located 240 km to the South of Santiago, this Home Farm has 12 hectares on which we are able to hire around 60 seasonal workers at summer time.
Talca’s weather is warm and mild most of the year. Nonetheless, its Winter is usually rainy and cold. In fact, the average annual temperature is 14,7 °C while the average rainfall is around 758 mm.

In this area, we are able to produce Winter species specially those of difficult vernalization. Due to its climatic characteristics, we can perfectly achieve the required cold for the inducement of species such as Brassicas and Bunching Onion; while during summer, we are able to produce species such as Cucurbits (Manually pollinated and/or under cages).

Our services in this

Home Farm

  • Cabbage (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Cauliflower (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Kohlrabi (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Bunching Onion (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Watermelon (Commercial, R&D, SSI)