Home Farm

Quinta de Tilcoco

Main Office: Located 120 km to the South of Santiago, here is where our main office is at, as well as, 60 hectares which are distributed in 3 fields. At summer time, we are able to hire around 200 seasonal workers.
Quinta’s weather is warm and mild, with an average annual temperature of 14,9 °C while the average rainfall is 544 mm.

Due to its fertile soil, this area is perfect for the production of several species of both seasons; summer and winter. Therefore, we have more than enough capacity to perform Research and Development Services, mother seeds’ increments, and productions under net or cages.

Our services in this

Home Farm

  • Cabbage (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Kohlrabi (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Bunching Onion (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Cauliflower (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Kale (Commercial, R&D, SSI)
  • Squash (R&D, SSI; PGO)
  • Pumpkin (R&D, SSI, PGO)
  • Carrot (R&D, SSI)
  • Lettuce MI (Commercial, R&D)
  • Canola (R&D, SSI)
  • Melon and Watermelon (R&D, SSI, Breeding services, PGO)