We want to guarantee you an excellent service. That is why, we always work under controlled processes; with the aim to give to all our customers seeds in time and produced under the highest quality standards.


Our lab has the necessary equipment to get the results of different analysis such as germination, moisture and physical purity. All of them are done under ISTA standards.

Washing and drying of wet seeds

We are prepared for the processing of wet seeds, washing them in time and treating them according to the instructions and requirements of our customers. That is why, we have washing flumes lines for splitting, fermentation and treatment of wet seeds. Also, we do have basket washing lines for the same purposes. For the drying of seeds, we have table and rotative dryers.


The processes we have at our facility allow us to obtain high quality seeds. Our top one priority is to give, to all our customers, seeds produced under the highest quality standards in a timely manner.

In order to do so, we have:

Scalping machines for Asteraceae, debearding machines, pre-cleaning machines for lots of great and small volumes (20 ton/hour), grading tables for lots of great and small volumes, tilt belts, spirals (simple and double), alveolar cylinders, air columns, magnetic machines, electronic eye sorter (by color), dry seeds treater, etc.